About Us

We Focus on Providing Elegant Logistics Solutions for Customers' Needs


Rixon Logistics is a third party logistics (3PL) company based in Hong Kong. We specialise in providing premium "last-mile" distribution throughout Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

Rixon provides comprehensive logistics and distribution solutions to various large local and international corporations situated in Hong Kong. Rixon’s investment in its infrastructure and dedicated staff has earned the company a reputation for reliability, professionalism and quality of service. Currently, we operate over 100 delivery vehicles in Hong Kong and a capacity to deliver in excess of 6,000 locations daily. Our distribution network includes homes, offices, banks, retail stores, government departments, schools and supermarkets.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be the leading premium "last-mile" third party logistics service provider in Hong Kong and China. We aim to provide our customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction and provide a stimulating and rewarding work environment for our staff.

Our vision is to provide a world-class solution for all our clients through nurturing long-term relationships and constant updating of our a operations through intellectual and technological improvements.

We will build our reputation based on professionalism, experience, integrity, respect and value.


We currently have over 300 people working for us. Our people are professional about what they do and passionate about the service they provide to our customers. Each individual contributes to our overall success and we encourage personal responsibility, commitment and cooperation - for the benefit of our company and our customers.

At Rixon Logistics, we take a long-term view of our staff, our business and our customers. As a result we committed to investing in the development of our people through training, good working atmosphere, and providing good career prospect and advancements. The success of our business is due to a group of experienced people having outstanding performance and great leadership skills that are hardworking and ambitious.

Fleet Warehouse

Rixon currently operates over 100 delivery vehicles in Hong Kong. We operate both dedicated and shared use vehicles for our customers. We have various types of vehicles including chilled/ frozen vehicles, delivery vans and various sizes of trucks. Rixon uses both GPS and GPRS technology for vehicle tracking.

All our vehicles are operated by our highly trained drivers and delivery staff. Our various fleet operates regionally and locally within each district, enabling us to respond to many urgent and critical deliveries within a very short time frame. The size and diversity of our fleet is one of our greatest strength.

Rixon operates one main warehouse in To Kwa Wan and several depots throughout hong Kong. We have combined warehouse and depot space of over 40,000sf. Our warehouse staff includes a mobile workforce of over 100 people. We have highly trained and experienced supervisors to lead our workforce in complicated pick & pack operations. Some of our major warehouse services include: storage, pick & pack, delivery note and invoice issuing, relabeling, sorting, and return handling logistics.

PowerTec IT Solutions

PowerTec is the IT & Software Development Arm of Rixon Group. Highly Specialised in Last-mile Logistics Solutions.

By cutting down costs and speeding up procurement, warehouse logistics and shipment processes, intelligent communication technologies can contribute to your company’s success. In order to achieve the highest level of efficiency, our IT experts provide you with the best suitable IT solution for your specific logistics needs. Superior quality and reliable systems are fundamental to us.

  • Control and administration of the entire logistics chain by using state-of-the-art information technology – whether for procurement, warehouse, fulfillment and production logistics or distribution.
  • Our IT experts respond flexibly to individual customer processes: due to our integration platform, your data flow can be connected to our systems in the best possible way.
  • We use established standards for project management, data exchange, support and development processes as well as the hardware applied.
  • The Group IT department with over 10+ years experience covers the entire range of services from the operation of data exchange and application support (both iOS and Android Apps) to consulting and project management.